2011. december 8., csütörtök

Elle Magazine Young Talent Award goes to Sarolta Bán, congrats!

Elle Magazine has handed out the Young Talent Awards and Sarolta Bán has won the Fine Art Category.

Elle Magazine celebrates young talents worldwide. The Hungarian edition launched it's Young Talent Award first time this year. They introduced talents who not only reflects the current age, but also affects it in some way.

The six-member jury selected six talents to every category. Elle presented each category (Literature, Music, Fine Art and Theatre and Movie) every month, and finally the readers decided who should be the prize winners of each category.

2011. december 7., szerda

picture of the month - december, by Edén Ochoa Iniesta

Every month we introduce a picture from one of our artist.
December's picture is made by Edén Ochoa Iniesta. The picture is available to see in the gallery and purchased there, or via our webshop with 50% discount.

Edén, this is a great picture, congratulations! Where did you take the picture?
I took this picture in a photo walk trying a Canon 10D borrowed from my friend Alicia's father. I went to rest to the Central Post Office hall in Granada, which is kind of a meeting point for Granadians.

So, who is in the picture?
In the moment when I was checking the photos and I had just started to walk, when the girl with the dog suddenly crossed their glance, staring for some seconds. I was able to take the camera out fast and took the final photo. After that they left the place immediately.

What camera did you use?
The fun fact is that I don't own a DSLR camera. I always borrow them from good friends who trust me their cameras.

Did you make any post-procession?
This photo is just processed from Raw to black and white, without any other post-processing.

2011. október 24., hétfő

picture of the month - november, by Marco Di Gioia

We started a new thing in the gallery. Every month we will introduce a picture from one of our artist. The picture will be discounted too, but only in the actual month.

Let's start with one of the most interesting picture by Marco Di Gioia. The picture is printed out and can be seen and purchased in the gallery, or it can be seen here and can be purchased with 50% discount until the end of november via our webshop.

Who is in the picture?
The female in the picture is Giulia, a wonderful mother of two babies.

Where did you make the picture?
I took the picture on the 16th of June, 2010, in the morning after a beautiful night we passed in the last house I lived.

"Dry hart and swollen eyes." - that's how you described the picture, can you give us some more details of the women?
She is a friend of mine. That night Giulia told me how difficult is to be a mother of two children, and how wonderful at the same time that is. She was married, but now she is seperated from her husband.

Do you like to take emotional pictures?
I usually like to shot the dramatic part of life... This is the reason that brings me to take pictures with people who I know, but not always.

What camera did you use?
The camera I used is the same as always. It's a Canon 400 D.

The picture can be seen in the gallery and can be purchased there, or via our webshop.

2011. október 12., szerda

new pictures are available in the gallery by Jaime Lluch (Spain, Sevilla)

Jaime's work has the greatest awareness of the fine art traditions of colour, texture, light and composition. His images are closer to paintings than photos and the post production work shows a sensitivity and skill beyond anything the camera is capable of. Perhaps living in a country with a tradition of so much passionate and high quality old master painting has infused his work.

2011. augusztus 23., kedd

who we are - what we do?

dream point gallery is both a traditional and a virtual photo gallery. We aim to provide collectors, designers, publishing houses, creative agencies, bands and book writers with a unique and carefully curated collection of pictures in themes of dreams.
talent management

we are keen on talent management.

All of our artist receive special attention. We have artists for whom we handle all their business issues, however we are eager to help to build the careers of all our artists. In order of this, we frequently make blog and video interviews with them. We deal with all apsects of the transactions of the artwork, including marketing, client liaison, printing, shipping, invoicing and payment collecting. We have a blog, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Vimeo page, where we promote their work. We often send them interesting photo competition opportunities too, if requested we can sponsor them and help with the administrative part.

do your pictures fit in the gallery's profile?
Send along some of your low resolution pictures and homepage/flickr/behance, etc page to submission@dreampoint.eu.

selling prints
We use the most professional printing house to print pictures on canvas/photographic paper/mount block. You can find a unique application called "pic for my wall" where you can carefully plan the size and the material of the picture you would like to purchase.

licensing images
All dream point images are rights-protected and are available for commercial use. We cover a unique collection of fine-art photography, contemporary imagery and creative photography mainly in the subjects of dream.
Are you working on a creative campaign, do you need a book/album cover? Fill out our unique "I give you a brief" form and we will see if we have something for you, if not, or you are not 100% happy with the result, we will brief our Artists for you.