2011. október 24., hétfő

picture of the month - november, by Marco Di Gioia

We started a new thing in the gallery. Every month we will introduce a picture from one of our artist. The picture will be discounted too, but only in the actual month.

Let's start with one of the most interesting picture by Marco Di Gioia. The picture is printed out and can be seen and purchased in the gallery, or it can be seen here and can be purchased with 50% discount until the end of november via our webshop.

Who is in the picture?
The female in the picture is Giulia, a wonderful mother of two babies.

Where did you make the picture?
I took the picture on the 16th of June, 2010, in the morning after a beautiful night we passed in the last house I lived.

"Dry hart and swollen eyes." - that's how you described the picture, can you give us some more details of the women?
She is a friend of mine. That night Giulia told me how difficult is to be a mother of two children, and how wonderful at the same time that is. She was married, but now she is seperated from her husband.

Do you like to take emotional pictures?
I usually like to shot the dramatic part of life... This is the reason that brings me to take pictures with people who I know, but not always.

What camera did you use?
The camera I used is the same as always. It's a Canon 400 D.

The picture can be seen in the gallery and can be purchased there, or via our webshop.

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