2011. december 7., szerda

picture of the month - december, by Edén Ochoa Iniesta

Every month we introduce a picture from one of our artist.
December's picture is made by Edén Ochoa Iniesta. The picture is available to see in the gallery and purchased there, or via our webshop with 50% discount.

Edén, this is a great picture, congratulations! Where did you take the picture?
I took this picture in a photo walk trying a Canon 10D borrowed from my friend Alicia's father. I went to rest to the Central Post Office hall in Granada, which is kind of a meeting point for Granadians.

So, who is in the picture?
In the moment when I was checking the photos and I had just started to walk, when the girl with the dog suddenly crossed their glance, staring for some seconds. I was able to take the camera out fast and took the final photo. After that they left the place immediately.

What camera did you use?
The fun fact is that I don't own a DSLR camera. I always borrow them from good friends who trust me their cameras.

Did you make any post-procession?
This photo is just processed from Raw to black and white, without any other post-processing.

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